The US TV ad industry is undergoing a vast transition from broadcast ad delivery to digital-style dynamically inserted advertising.  Tetra TV is a start-up in the rapidly growing field of connected TV advertising, and we’re looking for technically-minded entrepreneurial spirits to get involved in the future of television.  If you see an interesting opportunity, let us know with your Linkedin profile or resume.




Tetra TV is seeking a technical product manager with experience in digital advertising engineering and/or product management.  Exposure to digital ad operations, DSPs, SSPs, DMPs, and various data providers is strongly preferred. Experience with connected TV is ideal but mobile/desktop is ok. Software engineering background is required. Apply by sending us an email us with your Linkedin profile or resume today!



Tetra TV is seeking a CTO / Principal Architect to run our software development initiatives.  An ideal candidate will have 10+ years engineering management experience, software coding experience, and a technical undergraduate degree. The candidate must be deeply exposed to programmatic advertising including SSPs, DSPs, ad servers, DMPs, and data-driven attribution methods.  The CTO also needs a strategic perspective, product planning skills, and executive-level decision-making capacity.



Tetra TV is seeking a minimum of 5 years experience in advertising data and analytics to focus on driving successful CTV advertising campaigns.  Apply by sending us an email us with your Linkedin profile or resume today!