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Tetra TV principals have 50+ years of combined experience with connected TV software and media.  Whether you are an advertiser, a publisher, or a platform, let us help develop your strategic plan for entering/expanding in the CTV marketplace.

advertiser Ctv strategy

Get the word out by leveraging the most powerful ad medium on earth.  CTV is the future of advertising, and Tetra TV can help you formulate plans to maximize the opportunity in the most efficient way possible, and then execute.

ce OEM ctv strategy

CTV delivers TV and set-top box OEMs an unprecedented opportunity to transform their business models.  Tetra TV principals are deeply experienced in software-driven consumer electronic device business strategy, design, and marketing. Engage with us to find a path toward recurring revenue models for your business.

video publisher ctv strategy

Navigating the world of CTV platforms and apps can be daunting, and there is no shortage of pitfalls.  With extensive background in CTV, advertising, and subscription business models, Tetra TV can layout a thoughtful product roadmap and business plan that will deliver the most bang for your CTV buck.

cable/telco ctv strategy

With CTV on the rise, traditional pay-TV models are at a crossroads.  Tetra TV can develop a thoughtful strategy that embraces CTV while maintaining control of your customers, user experience, and your business model. 

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