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The breakthrough ad platform delivers addressable campaigns at scale for advertisers across leading video publishers, pay TV operators and streaming devices.

Los Angeles, CA, April 30, 2019 -- Tetra TV, LLC today announced the launch of the industry’s first connected TV-focused advertising network. Through pooling television ad inventory from more than 100 top streaming video content channels, Tetra TV delivers highly targeted campaigns at scale for advertisers. Advertisers will be able to easily purchase inventory and dynamically insert ads across a wide variety of streaming platforms including Apple TV, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Sony PlayStation, Xbox, as well as Smart TVs from Samsung, Vizio, Sony, and LG.

Tetra TV, led by a team of streaming media veterans previously at Roku, solves the cord-cutter challenge for advertisers by providing unduplicated reach across the 95M connected TV (CTV) U.S. landscape.

“Ad-supported streaming TV is growing fast, but the viewing is fragmented across a wide array of devices and publishers creating siloed video ad inventory,” says Jim Lombard, Tetra TV’s chief revenue officer, and co-founder. “Tetra TV navigates these complexities, unlocks premium ad inventory, and provides transparent reporting with universal measurement standards for advertisers looking to reach the growing streaming TV audience.”

Tetra TV uses an open platform approach to maximize support for a variety of data and measurement providers to accurately target audiences. Tetra TV’s 50M connected TV household audience graph enables 1:1 targeting and frequency capping at the household, device, and content levels.

Tetra TV, headquartered in Los Angeles with offices in New York, is headed by CEO and co-founder Steve Shannon, a 25 year veteran in streaming media, Shannon most recently ran content and advertising at Roku as the GM/SVP of Content & Services. Co-founder Jim Lombard, who launched the Roku video advertising sales offering in 2013 and directed ad sales at Roku, is Tetra TV’s chief revenue officer.

“By combining the benefits of digital ad delivery with the impact of TV, streaming television will become the most powerful ad medium on Earth,” said Shannon. “Through working directly with premium video publishers and the industry's most reliable data providers, Tetra TV’s goal is to execute highly efficient, outcome-driven CTV ad campaigns at scale.”

Tetra TV provides premium video publishers and CTV operators with a preferred secondary

market solution to increase ad inventory yield by delivering a diverse portfolio of campaigns

from leading US video advertisers.


To learn more about Tetra TV, visit their website:


About Tetra TV, LLC

Tetra TV is a connected TV-focused advertising network that empowers advertisers to engage relevant audiences by tapping into premium long-form content on streaming channels. Tetra TV’s vision is to streamline CTV advertising with advanced levels of support, actionable data science & insights, and cost-efficient media solutions so that advertisers can predict, measure, and optimize outcomes more effectively than ever before.

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